Sunday, January 27, 2013

Really???? Reality TV

Woke up early and it felt wonderful.  Everything was so silent.  Coffee tastes so much better in the quietness of ones thoughts.  Rarely is it ever quiet here so when the opportunity confronts me I grasp it and say....ahhhhhhh.

Soon I had to do something as cobwebs of my mind were edging me to get this blog started.  Where to start when a thousand toughts were yelling, "Pick me!"  So I pin pointed it to Reality Shows.

Even though I have tons of TV channels it seems that Reality Shows have come to this earth and invaded our entertainment.  So I say, enough is enough.  I must be the only one on the planet with this feeling as everyday there is a new Reality Show starting.  Come on, let's get over it and watch something real. 

As I child I would grumble when "Gunsmoke" came on as I knew that was the show for the night.  Lately "Gunsmoke" doesn't sound so bad.  At least there was some sense to it (not much!).  The ground breaking shows with Archie and Edith, that made you laugh. 

Has the entertainment industry forgotten how to program TV?

At this time I really don't want to whine too muh so for today this is just a taste.

Does anyone agree with me?

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