Monday, March 25, 2013

Stand up for Yourself

There comes a time in life when you get old enough to really speak your mind.  Maybe this isn't something that you would have done when you were younger.

This has happened to me.  Once a quiet (when controversy, Gabby the rest of the time) I shunned to not get involved.  I was afraid of what would happen or how someone might feel.  Now it isn't that I don't care it's is just something comes over me and I have to speak my mind.  Much of this came into play when my Parents were in the hospital and they were going to be treated right and with dignity.  

It is not that I am that ol' grumpy woman.  I am happy with myself inside so therefore I am at peace.  All that goes on around me it only here for a time.

I see it this way nobody knows what you are thinking if you don't let them know.  Women's rights these days are under attack.  Are you just going to let the Governor, Senators and Representatives steal our rights.  If we do it may come a time when being a woman will be back to caveman days.  Doesn't make you want to scream that men make more money than women for the same job?

So slowly get yourself to speak up for yourself.  Here are a few ways to get started.
  • If your order food and don't like it let them know.  Don't pay for something that you don't like.  This can be done nicely.
  • If somebody cuts in line before you, "Excuse me the back of the line is (and point).
  • Your boss is asking you to do more than you can do.  Ask him if it can wait until you get other jobs completed.
  • Your children are actin up, let them know.  Explain, talk to them.
  • Walk with your head held high!  You are a WOMAN!
  • A wonderful article to read Learn to Stand Up for Yourself
Enjoy your day and try something different for YOU!

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